Action Pawn & Gun offers a wide selection of guns, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns! Make sure you're prepared for hunting season with a quality gun from Action Pawn & Gun! All of our gun sales require a valid South Dakota state ID as well as a background check done in the store.

Gun Transfers

We do gun transfers! $20 + tax or $15 for any first responder! Inbound and outbound transfers. We only ship outbound to other FFL dealers. All inbound transfers/purchases require a background check which we do in store at the time of transfer/purchase.

Inbound Transfers

If you buy a gun via internet, give us a call with your name, phone number, the sellers info and what you ordered. At that time, we can fax or email our FFL to the dealer or individual seller. Background check done in store at time of pick up. You will need a VALID state ID or Drivers license.

Outbound Transfer

If you are selling a firearm out of state, we can help! Bring the firearm in to us along with your ID and the info on where you would like us to ship the firearm to. Do not pre-package the firearm as we will need to verify the serial number before shipping. We will package your firearm properly at no extra charge we only charge actual shipping cost, plus the transfer fee.

We can also do an in store "transfer" if you are not an FFL dealer, and are selling a firearm to another individual. You can come to our store, and we can do a background check on the buyer, just so you know you are not selling a firearm to someone who cannot own one. We charge the normal transfer fee, payable by you or the purchaser. That we leave up to you.

Conceal and Carry Permit Information

Apply at the downtown Sioux Falls, sheriff's office 320 West 4th St 57104. $10 and a background check gives you the ability to conceal and carry firearms in South Dakota and some other states as well.

Our Local Gun Ranges

Gary's Gun Shop (www.garysgunshop.com)
Big Sioux rifle and pistol club (www.sdshootingsports.org)
Garretson Sportsmans Club (www.garretsonsportsmensclub.com)
Hunters Pointe (www.hunterspointesd.com)

Gun Parts

Numrich- gunpartscorp.com
Jack First- jackfirstgun.com (our prefered!)

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