Pawn Loan Guidelines

A "pawn loan" is a loan on an item of value, or a collateral loan.

1: Bring us an item of value! (Guns, gold, jewelery, tools, electronics) and a valid state ID, Drivers licence, tribal ID or passport.

2: Our loan period is 30 days, with a 3 day grace period.

3: Loan rate is 20% interest per 30 days, plus tax, paid at the time of pick up or when the loan is renewed.

*At the time of your 3rd day of grace, a "courtesy call" is granted to remind you that your loan is due.*

4: At the end of your loan period, you may pick up your item for the principal (loan amount) + interest (20%) Or you may renew (pay the interest to extend your loan) for another 30 (+3) days.

5: If you pay to extend your loan, you may pay extra on your principal to reduce the amount owed . (Only allowed at time of pawn renewal)

6: If for any reason you do not come back for your item, it will be foreclosed. (Put up for sale on our shelves, ebay or the many forms of social media.)

* You may also just SELL us your item if you do not want it back. Everything we buy is held for 14 days before it is put out for sale.*