Pawn Loan Guidelines

A "pawn loan" is a loan on an item of value, or a collateral loan.

  1. Bring us an item of value! (Guns, gold, jewelry, tools, electronics) and a valid state ID, Drivers licence, tribal ID or passport.
  2. Our loan period is 30 days, with a 3 day grace period.
  3. Loan rate is 20% interest per 30 days, plus tax, paid at the time of pick up or when the loan is renewed. *At the time of your 3rd day of grace, a "courtesy call" is granted to remind you that your loan is due.*
  4. At the end of your loan period, you may pick up your item for the principal (loan amount) + interest (20%) Or you may renew (pay the interest to extend your loan) for another 30 (+3) days.
  5. If you pay to extend your loan, you may pay extra on your principal to reduce the amount owed . (Only allowed at time of pawn renewal)
  6. If for any reason you do not come back for your item, it will be foreclosed. (Put up for sale on our shelves, ebay or the many forms of social media.)

* You may also just SELL us your item if you do not want it back. Everything we buy is held for 14 days before it is put out for sale.*